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Our Brand 

It all starts from a meal with the family.

Meal is part of family bonding especially when most of us are packed with hectic schedules nowadays. In this era which emphasizing on efficiency, fast and stiff competition, it is getting increasingly harder for all family members to sit down and share a meal together.


Hence, this is how Lao Pa Sat comes into being. We provide quality and delicious daily meals for all families at an affordable price. We understand that the economic stress and burdens in life, so we
serve a wide range of flavours at a reasonable price. Our customers can dine in a comfortable environment whereby our place is fully air-conditioned and clean. Family members can spend quality family meal time here daily. By focusing on our excellent service with rational and fair prices, we believe that our valued customers will definitely back for our delightful meal!

Lao Pa Sat is here to cater delicious yet affordable meals for families and friends. Thus, we have done some market researches and successfully created localized Western dishes, which is called Western Tradition Cuisine for our community.

Our Story

Lao Pa Sat is a Western Tradition restaurant which established in the year 2014 in Taman Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru. Due to overwhelmed responses, our second branch is opened at Taman Gaya in the year 2016. We have expanded our business to a new brand, Cen Ji Spicy Hot Pot in Bukit Indah, which offers China Si Chuan Hot Pot. In year 2018, our forth branch is opened at strategic location-Taman Mount Austin.

Lao Pa Sat has further developed a set of comprehensive system for quality management purpose, including a central kitchen for all branches. Hence, our standardised menu offers same quality of food regardless any branches customers visited.

On the other hand, we have also built up our brand series under Lao Pa Sat, which are Lao Tea and Lao Laksa. Lao Tea is the beverage brand which offers milk tea series with cheese cream, tea series, coffee series, signature chocolate series and others. We also serve food with Nan Yang flavour, especially our “must try” in menu- Famous Penang Asam Laksa

We are a team that prioritises management and branding. With these two professional practices, we are committed to providing more outstanding services as we are expanding our business beyond Johor Bahru as well as Malaysia.

Tea Set

Our Brand  

Our Story

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